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The Golden lion tamarin is currently one of the national symbols of Brazil. Moreover, the new 20 Reais note, printed by the Central Bank, features this animal. Golden lion tamarins have thumbs on their front feet, which aren't fully opposable. The golden lion tamarin is diurnal, meaning it is active during the day and sleeps at night. During the daylight hours, it moves about its home range, which can measure from 40 to more than 100 hectares. The golden lion tamarin is territorial, and will defend its territory from other groups. Golden Lion Tamarin Lifespan. To communicate with others the golden lion tamarin scents mark and has a range of around 17 vocalisations. Visual tactics such as tongue flicking, tail thrashing and arch walking her to communicate as well. A whine is used to warn against predators. Predators of the golden lion tamarin include hawks, cats and snakes. The golden lion tamarin uses its elongated fingers and toes to catch and extract its prey. Early in the day, the monkey feeds on fruit. In the afternoon, it hunts for insects and vertebrates. The golden lion tamarin has a mutualistic relationship with nearly a hundred plants in the forest.

The Golden Lion Tamarin is a very appealing small Monkey that fits into the New World. They have long been part of legends and stories due to they golden color that shines in the sunlight. Description. As the name suggests, the Golden Lion Tamarin looks very much like a lion but a mini version. Golden Lion Tamarin Conservation. The plight of the golden lion tamarin is not a new thing to science or, indeed, the public. Their decline was noted decades ago, which spurred international cooperation in captive-breeding and local reintroduction programs.

The golden lion tamarin is an omnivore whose varied diet consists of flowers, fruits, nectar, bird eggs, and small vertebrates. Its selection of food is dependent upon its microhabitat. During the rainy season, the golden lion tamarin feasts mainly on pulpy fruits; an. The golden lion tamarin Leontopithecus rosalia is a brilliantly colored monkey species native to South America, particularly the coastal areas of southeastern Brazil. These red and orange New World monkeys reside up in trees for the most part, and they eat both animals and plants. The Golden lion tamarin is a species of â€⃜new world monkey’ that inhabits the tropical coastal forests of Brazil, spending most of its life in trees. It is a relatively small species, only reaching a length of 40cm from head to tail and weighing less than 1kg.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Golden Lion Tamarins GLTs are tiny endangered monkeys found only in the Atlantic Coastal Forest of Southeast Brazil. At Save the Golden Lion Tamarin, we work with our partners in Brazil to protect these monkeys for generations to come. The golden lion tamarin is a small primate living in the Atlantic Forest of Southeastern Brazil. It is an endangered species due to habitat fragmentation. The golden lion tamarin eats an omnivorous diet of fruits, insects, small invertebrates, eggs, small lizards and birds using its long fingers and claws to obtain prey inside trees. The golden lion tamarin is named after the golden mane around its small head, which gives it the appearance of a tiny lion. The back is covered in long, silky fur which varies from pale gold to a rich reddish gold. Unlike many primates, this monkey has claws instead of fingernails.

The golden lion tamarin Leontopithecus rosalia, also called the golden lion marmoset is a small, squirrel-sized monkey with a lion-like mane. Tamarins live in small family groups. They are diurnal most active during the day; at night, they rest in the cavity of a tree.

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